Junior Students


New: 21 Sensory Activities

Sensory activities for focus and calm.

 21 sensory activities for calm

Ways to Calm My Worry Activity

As we make the move to return to class in a ‘new normal’ way, what are you worried about?

Calm my worry

Story time Online:

Listen to celebrities read stories to you. Barbara Bains reads “The Kissing Hand”. Lots of titles to choose from.

Storytine Website

Meditation Apps for Kids

Cosmic Kids Website

Kids Help Phone

Whenever you need to talk, we are open.                      Text 686868                       Call 1-800-668-6868

Kids Help Phone

EASE at Home K-3

Strategies to help young children cope with anxiety especially during times of change or transition to new experiences.


EASE at Home 4-7

Strategies to help children cope with anxiety especially during times of uncertainty or change.



New: BC Children’s Hospital Back-to-School Wellness Toolkit

The B.C. Children’s Hospital has released a back-to-school wellness toolkit to help support families with practical guidance and resources as they adjust to school routines.  

Youth (Grades 4-6) Wellness Toolkit 

The Stigma-Free COVID-19  Wellness Toolkit website has inspiring stories, resources, & activities all in 1 place.

Stigma-Free COVID-19 Youth Wellness Toolkit

The Invisible String

A wonderful story for 3-8 yr. olds about being apart from those you love that may help with attachment needs as we return to school and adapt to another change in our lives.

The Invisible String read-a-loud only

The Invisible String Connections Lesson & Read-a-loud

Coronavirus A Book for Children

A free information book explaining the coronavirus in simple language for children aged 5 – 9 yrs. Have it read to you at the website or enjoy this attached PDF version.

Free digital book from nosycrow publisher

Coronavirus A Book for Children

Mo Willems Lunch Time Doodles (15 episodes)

Lunch Time Doodles

My COVID-19 Time Capsule


National Geographic Kids

If you like learning about animals, insects, there are  activities, games, videos to explore here.

National Geographic





New: ParticipACTION Family First Workout Video

Work out together as a family with these videos.

Family First Workout Video

Recipe for Activity

Enjoy active play everyday with this activity selector!

Recipe for an active day

Go Noodle

Movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts.

Go Noodle

Fitness Blender Kids Workouts for Home

Fitness Blender

YMCA Health & Fitness

Videos for kids featuring yoga and breathing exercises.


Bains Boot Camps

Mrs. Bains’ Boot Camp beginner and advanced video series are on Youtube.

Beginner Classes:  

Workout #2:

Workout #3:

Workout #4:

Advanced Classes:

Workout #1:

Workout #2:

Workout #3: