Every Wednesday, I will be reaching out to Senior School with a message of wellness. I will be sharing information, resources, tidbits, strategies, suggestions and practices to support your overall health and wellbeing. Feel free to take what is helpful, and leave the rest! This webpage will be updated from time to time with the new offerings. Be well! 

Wellness Wednesday Wanderings for the Heart and Soul

Hello! Alison, your Senior School Counsellor here with a few mindful moments for you to enjoy!

Mindful Moment One

A presentation on wellness.

Here is a music track designed to go along with the powerpoint

Mindful Moment Two

youTube video: FACE COVID – How To Respond Effectively To The Corona Crisis


Mindful Moment Three

Audio recording of a Dropping In Mindfulness Practice

Mindful Moment Four

Audio message about the importance of supporting others, plus the Stronger Together rendition of “Stand By Me”


Mindful Moment Five

A special music track for the powerpoint

Mindful Moment Six

This weeks topic is boredom!!! It’s so important to learn how to tolerate it!

Mindful Moment Seven

Heart-Mind Stress Reduction for Teens

Seated Yoga Practice